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 SoZo HAIR Salon Tips

If you’re frustrated with your hair, try one of these options:

A new tool

Flat iron, curling iron, wave iron, flat brush, or a different size round brush.  It’s surprising what a difference it can make to change your look with a simple tool. Be sure to use a thermal protectant spray with hot styling tools! A new tool may even be your finger….for many, the latest look of “beach waves” can be achieved by twisting the hair with our fingers. When hair is damp take med size sections and twist, just like you may see a young child do, twisting the sections and leaving them to dry that way will give the hair movement and loose wave. Once the hair is dry just run fingers through to fluff and separate. Try different sized sections to change up the amount of wave achieved.


A splash of a different color

A set of foils added to enhance natural or artificial hair color will spice things up for an easy change.  Go subtle or noticeable, it’s all good! Maybe an Ombre effect is what you’re looking for. Variation in color is the look these days whether the variation is from scalp to ends or at the scalp or just the ends. Mix it up to spice up that style!

foiled redfoiled bang

Try some layers

Layers can give your hair new life with more movement and texture.  They don’t have to be “short”, just shorter and/or done in a textured way. Textured layers aren’t blunt cut layers, they are piecey layers t.hat lighten up heavy, bulky hair or sections of hair and give the benefit of layers without looking like short layers have been cut. They give hair much more movement and body.

medium sexylong straight

New products

You may be surprised what the right product can do for you!  Root Boost is a top selling styling product that does help fight gravity.  Leave in conditioners have come a long way to protect hair without weighing it down and so has hair oil.  High-quality products do preserve hair, hair color and help tremendously with styling. When the right product is used, styling is much easier and the style will last longer without losing it’s shape.

442013110807drying hair

A Smoothing Service Or Brazillian Blowout

Does frizz give you a hard time?  You’re not alone if you answered “yes.” Frizzy hair is one of the most common complaints among women! Humid weather makes frizz a bigger problem. Though many products help with taming frizz, a de-frizzing, smoothing service can make styling much easier and the ability to hold the style throughout the day a reality. A de-frizzing service will have residual benefits as they are done on a regular basis. Plan to have them done once a quarter in the beginning and after 3 or 4 services they can be pushed to approximately every 6 months and so on. On shorter hair styles, it may need to stay on a quarterly schedule.

Hair Extensions

Extensions are a great way to make a change! Length can be added to an overall look or to just one side for an asymmetrical look. Fullness can be added without adding length, this has become a popular way to deal with fine, thin hair. With all the options out now for hair extensions, the possibilities are endless.

Keep an open mind and consult with a professional hair designer for options and advice.  Hair can be a fun accessory instead of a daily frustration.  What’s to be lost?  Color can be changed and hair does grow, have some fun with it!


HaVe A HaPpY HaIr DaY!


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