Facials To Extend Youthful Appearance

From the time we are adolescents, most of us face challenges with our skin. From acne to rosacea, to sun damage, the tender and sensitive skin on our faces is exposed to an assault of elements and stress. Wouldn’t you love to have the skin on your face look like the skin on your….well, you know, the place that never sees the sun?  Facials are a great way to extend a youthful appearance!  Not to mention, a good facial is one of the most relaxing things on earth, they’re euphoric.


The Battle Can Be Easier

The battle to keep a youthful look only grows greater as we age. Fortunately, we are privy to several options that will assist us in this fight and provide MUCH needed relaxation in the process. While over the counter options are endless, the best thing we can do is consult a professional about a skin care regimen that will not only repair existing damage but also prevent new damage from occurring. It stands to reason that an experienced professional has insight that can make a big difference. In the following article, we will cover several types of facial treatments that your esthetician can offer you and their benefits to your skin.


The Basic (European) Facial

So let’s start with the basics, as in a basic facial. A basic facial is meant to rejuvenate the outer layers of your skin. It often times involves a cleanser, a mask, moisturizer, massage of the face, neck and decolletage, (it feels amazing) and a toner. The idea behind a basic facial is to get your skin back to basics. It will help with removing dirt and other toxins from the skin as well as dead skin cells. Basic facials are often used in combination with a massage service of hands and arms along with possibly the feet, this takes place while the mask is on.  Facials are tailored to your exact skin type, whether it would be oily, dry or a combination of both. A basic facial can be performed as often as once a week or as little as once a month. Facials, in general, being performed by a professional, help to stimulate the skin and encourage the products to penetrate deeper with manual stimulation, sometimes steam and other tricks of the trade. Your esthetician should also be able to set you up with a take-home regimen of products to keep your skin looking beautiful, and help you control any challenge with your skin in between services.

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Deeper Exfoliation

While a basic facial is the most commonly performed skin service in many salons and spas, there are also several other options available to help with skin issues that may require more aggressive treatment. Something as simple as a sugar scrub can be added to your facial to help with blackhead removal. Or a clay mask can be added to reduce the appearance of large pores.

Microdermabrasion Services


You can also consult your esthetician about services such as microdermabrasion, which uses a special tool/process of gentle “sanding” with crystals and air pressure to remove the outer layer of skin from the face, neck and chest promoting new skin cell and collagen production.  This service can be done alone or combined with a facial for all the extra relaxation and skin stimulation. This is a treat with lots of benefits and can be done on a regular basis for residual and continually growing effects.

Chemical Peels

Other services such as chemical peels, which help with wrinkle reduction and lessening of sun damage are options to consider as well. All of these treatments vary in price, and the more aggressive the treatment, the higher the cost. As opposed to microdermabrasion, chemical peels are done with a mask which has a similar effect, but with chemicals that remove the outer layer of skin. Different strengths are available for different skin types and effects needed. Sensitive skin should be treated with care and not overly stimulated with any type of treatment.


Dermatological Treatments

Laser peels, for example, are performed by medically trained professionals.  These services are much more invasive and not the relaxing type.  The pampering isn’t always included in the dermatological services but they do have their place.

Day To Day Care

It is always good to remember that your skin, just like your hair, is an investment. Finding someone you trust to help you maintain this feature is always a plus, and can help to keep you looking and feeling younger for years to come. Day to day care is very important as well.  The recommendation of a professional is valuable, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune but it is an investment. Get a second opinion if the product prices seem way out of line. In the event that your skin requires more aggressive dermatological treatments, your esthetician should have a list of recommended medical spas and dermatology clinics that you can seek out for further services. Estheticians are trained fully in skin care but are not allowed to practice medicine of any sort. They will be able to help you manage many challenges with your skin, and will also be able to help you to know when further assistance is required.

Putting your best face forward is important, and getting on a regular schedule with a local esthetician is easy, and well worth the effort. We look forward to seeing your smiling face soon and giving your skin the royal treatment it deserves.

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