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SoZo Hair is excited to announce that we are now offering eyelash Extensions by NOVA LASH and Extreme Eyelashes. The application of your lash extensions takes about 2 hours and is completely painless. These are weightless and dramatically enhance your natural beauty. In the following article, we will talk to you about NOVA LASH, how it was created and the different products they offer.

Founded In 2014 By Biologist/Chemist

NOVA LASH was founded in 2014 by biologist and chemist Sophy Merszei. Supported by a team of physicians and scientists from the University of Houston and the Baylor College of Medicine, Sophy pioneered the first distribution and training network for NOVA LASH just outside of Korea. Because of the extensive knowledge behind her team of experts, NOVA LASH can boast rights to the safest products and techniques available in lash extension services . NOVA LASH quickly became the world’s first global distributor of lash extension products and offered extensive training for salon professionals.

World Leader In The Industry

NOVA LASH continues to be a world leader in its industry and is committed to excellence in enhancing women’s natural beauty. The NOVA LASH brand has continued to do considerable research to perfect it’s product’s superiority, developing award-winning adhesives and cosmetics like their Platinum Bond lash adhesive and lash liner. NOVA LASH is available in upscale salons across the United States, and in 40 other countries around the world. They offer training for salon professionals in all 50 states with the most experienced educators in the industry. NOVA LASH also distributes a hypoallergenic brand of cosmetics ranging from liner pencils, to make up brushes, to make up removal wipes, to mascara and much much more. It is important to use oil free mascara and oil free products around the eyes while wearing eyelash extensions so not to loosen the adhesive.

Weightless and comfortable

NOVA LASH extensions are applied by a professionally trained cosmetologist, in a salon setting using their exclusive Platinum Bond adhesive, and natural lash fibers. This painless process takes about 2 hours for your initial application, and your lash extensions will need to have maintenance every 4 to 6 weeks to keep them looking their best, maintenance takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Your NOVA LASH extensions are completely weightless and will help reduce your need for wearing mascara daily. Life is good when you wake up to lashes that look like you have mascara already applied!

In order to keep your lash extensions in their best condition, it is highly recommended that you purchase NOVA LASH makeup products as they are specifically formulated to be as gentle as possible on your delicate lash extension fibers, and will aid for the longest wearability.
If you have ever dreamed of having those beautiful, fluttery lashes that will stop people in their tracks, then NOVA LASH is just right for you!! Call us today to book your appointment and ring in the new year with a glamorous new look! SoZo HAIR 513-874-9999 or Sozohair.net

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