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When we think about going to our stylist to have our hair cut, we usually expect to be shampooed first, and then have our hair cut while it is still wet. While this is the overall traditional approach taken by most stylists, the art of dry cutting hair is something to consider. It is important to remember that not all stylists are familiar with dry cutting, and taking the time to find a stylist who is well versed in this area can certainly be beneficial.


Deciding On Wet Or Dry Cutting

How does your stylist decide whether or not you are a good candidate for a dry cut? There are actually several factors that come into play here, from the shape of your hairline, hair texture, length and the overall condition of your hair. Many stylists recommend dry cutting specifically for curly or wavy hair textures. This is because water weighs down the hair, changing both the curl or wave pattern, as well as the look and “feel” of the hair. Another reason stylists may suggest a dry cut is to be sure too much length isn’t removed. Hair stretches when it is wet and can often lead to shock when dried because the hair shrinks back to its natural state, causing more length than expected to have been taken. Dry cutting can also help your stylist to see what the placement of your highlights or other dimensional color looks like dry, allowing them to better tailor the haircut to the color, making the overall cut and color look much more put together.
dry cut
Dry cutting also allows stylists to offer a much more customized experience. Cutting hair is both a science and an art, and stylists who are well versed in dry cutting can take these two things to a whole different level, accomplishing a look that is better tailored to the hairs exact texture, type, length and other challenges that may come into play. Stylists will often listen more closely during a consultation for a dry cut, making sure that they are only cutting exactly what the client would like them to cut.

Working With The Way Hair Wants To Lay

When a stylist cuts hair dry, there are several things they consider about the end result of the style. Dry cutting gives stylists the ability to create much more sophisticated shapes and works with the way the hair wants to lay. Dry cutting is meant to create softness, and most stylists will not commit to a hard line in a dry cut unless they are absolutely certain that they want for it to be there.
Many stylists will wash, dry and style the hair before dry cutting. Some want to work with how the client is going to style, so they won’t wash first. When they do wash first they will most likely prep the hair with a leave-in conditioner and a thermal protectant before blow-drying and will put movement into the dry hair. They may also iron the hair straight to create consistency throughout the hair before starting the dry haircut. Stylists will also comb hair thoroughly before cutting, this will reveal any growth patterns or cowlicks that they will need to pay special attention to during the service.

Blending Is More Effective On Dry Hair

Blending is also an integral part of dry haircutting. Stylists may point cut, slide cut, carve, or x-blend your hair, not only to add or remove weight but also to blend lines, create texture and add movement. Stylists will most likely run their hands through the hair both forward and backward, this allows them to see where weight within the haircut may need to be changed, or where they may need to make some adjustments to length. In a dry cut, the tiniest snips can make a serious difference.
To leave length and create movement, stylists will hold your hair up and out. To leave weight and remove length, they will hold the hair down and out, keeping in mind that using less tension will give the haircut a looser feel, and more natural movement.
As a stylist who is only three years into my career, dry cutting has always perplexed me. In school, we are taught that hair is to be cut one way, WET. However, after spending a good amount of time with very seasoned stylists, and doing research, I would have to say I am excited to start trying some dry cutting techniques. We work in an industry that is constantly changing, the more knowledge we gain of this industry, the more beneficial we are to both our co-workers and more importantly our clients.
Next time you visit your stylist, talk to them about a dry cut, you may finally get just the look you have been searching for, without the stress and wonder of what it will look like when it’s dry.

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