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It is commonly said among stylists and their clients that we always want what we don’t have when it comes to our hair. In the past, this was a much more common challenge to face than it is today. With the improvement in color technology and placement, less damaging permanent waving and smoothing treatments and multiple new heat styling tools, your possibilities are endless.

Heat Styling

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While all of these advances in hair technology are amazing, it is still important to educate yourself on how to properly achieve your desired look, while maintaining the integrity of your hair. Heat styling is a fantastic option for women when it comes to their ability to wear an endless variety of styles, but daily heat styling can be very damaging to your hair, especially if you are color treated. In the following paragraphs, we will cover all of your do’s and do not’s for heat styling your locks.

Let’s start with your do’s:

Do: use a salon quality shampoo and conditioner. These products are specifically formulated to help maintain the correct amount of moisture and pH in your hair. They are also made with quality ingredients, that will not dry out your hair or strip your color.
Do: invest in a good salon quality leave in conditioner. Leave in conditioners not only help with detangling your hair after washing but also offer UV protection, thermal protection, and anti aging moisturizers.
Do: use a thermal protectant every time you heat style your hair. Thermal protectants are made in several varieties that can be put in the hair wet and blow dried in, or applied to the hair after blow drying and before heat styling. These products are formulated to protect your hair strands from the stress caused by heat styling, helping to maintain the luster and integrity of your hair.
Do: learn how to properly use your heat tools. What does this mean? This means knowing that you do not have to set your heat tools on their highest setting to achieve your desired look. This also means knowing that making several passes over your hair is not necessary if your heat is properly set.
Do: use salon quality sprays and other finishing or styling products. Salon quality styling and finishing products are made to be water soluble, leaving no traces of product residue in the hair after shampooing. They are also less drying to your hair because they do not contain as much panthenol, an alcohol derivative used in many store-bought styling products and sprays.

Now that we have covered your do’s, let’s talk about do not’s.

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Do not: apply any heat styling tool directly to damp or wet hair, even with a thermal protectant in your locks. This dramatic shift in heat can actually melt your hair and break it off of your head.
Do not: make more than one pass over your hair with a heat styling tool. This repetitive subjection to high heat may seem to help your curl be curlier or straight be straighter, but all it is really doing is causing extra damage and breakage to your hair. If you feel you are having trouble getting your hair to style properly in one pass try using a working spray, (hairspray specially designed for use on the hair during heat styling) or taking smaller sections of hair. Heat tools can only do so much at one time, and turning the heat to full blast or going over and over your hair with them is hurting more than you know.
Do not: turn your heat tools up to their full heat potential unless you have been instructed to do so by a professional or you have extremely course curly hair. Most hair types can be easily heat styled somewhere between 225 and 300 degrees.

As in any other situation, if you are uncertain of how to use a heat styling tool, or which products will work best for your hair texture and type, ask your stylist. We are here to help you look and feel your best, and we love nothing more than to see happy clients with well cared for hair.


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