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To wear bangs or not to wear bangs, that is the ever-present question when choosing a hairstyle. While most women love their bangs initially, after a few weeks we often find ourselves frustrated with them. So how do we go about choosing a style of bang that will not only flatter our face shape but also leave us feeling less frustrated? It simply comes down to what works best with your face shape and your desired look. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the nine classic face shapes, and which style of bangs are most flattering on each.

The first of the nine classic face shapes is Oval. An oval face shape is defined as being longer than wide, with a narrower jaw than the cheekbones. This is often referred to as the “perfect” face shape because of its naturally proportionate features. Just about any hairstyle can be worn on an oval face shape, whether it is with or without bangs, layers or volume.

Next is a round face shape. Round face shape is defined as wide at the hairline, and full under the cheekbones. This face shape is very flattering with a side swept bang, which will add length to the face and break up some of the fullness in the face. This face shape is also well suited for longer styles, or styles that are longer in the front to help create an elongated look to the very circular nature of a round face shape.

The third classic face shape is square. Square face shape is defined as being wide at both the hairline and jawline. This face shape is most flattering with a soft bang, a style that has volume at the top and lots of texture throughout, this will help create softness and length to the facial features.

Diamond, or kite, is the fourth classic face shape. Diamond face shape is defined as being narrow at both the hairline and jawline with fullness in the cheeks. This face shape is most flattering with a straight across bang and a style that has fullness around the jawline. this will help to shorten the length of the face, giving it more of that perfect oval shape.

The fifth classic face shape is the heart shape. The heart-shaped face is defined as being wide at the hairline and narrow at the jawline. This face shape looks excellent with a side swept bang, to help hide some width in the forehead, and fullness near the jawline to create softness and make the face look more proportionate.

We then have a pear, or teardrop-shaped face as our sixth classic face shape. Pear face shape is defined as having a narrow forehead and a full chin. Straight across bangs can be worn with this face shape, as well as side swept bangs, to create some fullness in the forehead area. Fullness in the crown or longer styles look very pretty with this face shape to help create length in the jawline.

Next, we have the oblong face shape. Oblong face shape is defined as having long and narrow features throughout. Straight across bangs, layers, and shorter styles look best on this face shape to help create overall fullness.

A rectangle shaped face is defined as wide at the hairline and jawline along with more length to the face. A side swept or full bang will balance the shape along with some fullness on the sides or movement toward the face to narrow the look of the jawline.

Lastly, the heptagon shape is narrow at the forehead, wider at the temple and cheek, then narrow at the chin. A soft or side-swept bang will soften the forehead and temple area. Layers and texture toward the face will narrow the sides, and having some length at or below the chin will add the illusion of width in that area to balance the overall look.

If you are unsure of what your face shape is, pull your hair back away from your face and stand slightly back from the mirror. You will be able to clearly see the outline of your face and then be able to tell what your face shape is. If you are still feeling uncertain, or are wanting to try something new and aren’t sure about how it will work with your face shape, ask your stylist! We absolutely love to make our clients look and feel their best!

Now that we have helped clear up some of the mystery behind bangs and how to wear them, give them a try, you may find yourself in love with something new and different!


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