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Want to look younger? We all eventually get to that stage in life where we want to look younger. It’s a struggle. We change our haircut to hide wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots from sun damage, etc. Choosing hair color when we’re over 40 makes a big difference in how we look. We change our style in clothing, make-up and yes, we also choose comfortable shoes over fun tall heels. We spend hundreds of dollars on face creams, spa treatments and procedures to hold on to our youth. What some people don’t know is that it’s important to wisely choose our hair color as we get older.

Dealing With Change

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Mature skin changes over time. We tend to get dryer, dull and have less elasticity. Our hair does the same. We get gray wiry hair that can be stubborn to cover with color. Some people get white patches and our hair color doesn’t take the same in those areas so some areas are the target shade we want , while other areas are lighter or darker.

Our hair texture also changes. Shiny healthy hair is what we all love. Over time, our hair can become frizzy, dull and dry. Throw that all together and BAM… We have stubborn mature hair.

Changing your hair color and hair products is a must. Yes, the old rule of going lighter with your hair color when we get older still applies in most cases. Some people have had dark hair their whole lives. As we get older our skin tone changes and we become paler. Therefore, we need to go a little lighter with our hair color. In most cases, staying with the darker hair we had when we were younger can age us. It looks harsh and unnatural, not to mention when our gray hair starts to peek through at the scalp, it is more noticeable. Now we have to color our hair more often.

Choosing The Right Tone

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Don’t worry there are several solutions to hair color that can accommodate your maturing hair and help stretch out your time between appointments. The first thing you and your stylist need to do is determine which tone is right for you. One easy way is to look at the veins on your inner elbow crease. If they look blue to you then you need to pick cooler hair color tones. If they look green, then you need to pick warmer color tones. This also applies to make-up and clothing color choices.

Choosing The Level Of Depth

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Once you have determined which target tone you need, then you can discuss with your stylist what level of darkness or lightness you want. Going lighter when you have always been very dark can be scary. Take baby steps. Going a half of a shade to a full shade lighter is the best way. Every other time you come in you can move to another level of lightness until you get to your desired depth.

Add Some Highlights

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Another way to go lighter and have a more youthful look is to add some highlights to your solid color. This may be an easier way to get used to the idea of going a little lighter. The highlights can be as light as you want them to be, or you can tone them down to a caramel color, a lighter brown color than your overall shade and/or a fun red shade (cool or warm).

Adding highlights to your solid color can be fun and help with getting used to being a little lighter. They also help blend the solid line of re-growth you get and can allow you to go a little longer in-between your color visits…Bonus!!

Modern And Edgy At Any Age

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Just because we’re a little older than we used to be, doesn’t mean we have to look it. Adding some fun lighter or darker shades to our solid color can still be modern and edgy. The highlights or lowlights can be placed in certain areas you want to emphasize. They can be as bold as you want to be or very blended. You can add several different colors of highlights and lowlights, even add some pieces of fun fashion colors that are a huge trend right now. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to look older. We all change our diet, our workout routine, our budget, our choice of clothes, etc. Don’t forget we also need to change our hair color and the products that we use. I don’t know about you, but I’m going down fighting to hold on to my youth. You can too… so hang on, put your dukes up, and get in here to see me!


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