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Blue hair highlights, Take your hair by Storm, get the “Blues”

Fashion Hair Color

Fashion color like blue hair highlights have most certainly made a place for itself in the hair industry in the last several years. We have seen many looks ranging from pastels to vibrant neons, and as this industry continues to evolve, so also does our clients desire for something new and different.  As hair designers stay up to date with the trends, we want our clients to be up to date as well.  Not all trends suit all people and their lifestyle but it’s fun to know what’s happening.

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Take Your Hair By Storm

Currently, we’re seeing the trend of blue hair highlights and multi-dimensional color literally take us by storm. Everything from a stormy grey-blue ombre, to a brilliant sapphire peek-a-boo highlight, are appearing in fashion magazine’s across the globe. So how do we achieve this look? And what is the cost of maintaining this look? In the next several paragraphs we will not only answer those questions but several others you may be dying to know about giving your hair “The Blues.”

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Prep and care for blue hair

As always, the number one thing your stylist is going to consider when being asked to change your hair to any fashion color is the condition of your hair. Fashion blues are like any other fashion color in the sense that your hair will most likely need to be pre-lightened (or bleached) before your beautiful blues can be applied. Depending on the current condition of your hair, your stylist may recommend you doing the pre-lightening process in several sittings, and will always recommend a series of deep conditioning treatments in combination with these services. Once you and your stylist have agreed that both you and your hair have been adequately prepared, they will then do a thorough consultation with you on exactly which brilliant blue you are after.

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Getting That True Tone

The largest challenge in getting true tone and vibrancy out of any fashion color, but especially blue, is making sure that there are no unwanted yellow or orange tones left in the hair. This will often times require a toner (a color application used to remove any unwanted tones from the hair) to be applied before your blue to ensure not only true color tone, but also consistency in your color result.

Blue hair highlights on woman

Whether you choose soft pastel blue highlights, a dimensional all over blue or a stormy blue ombre, creating a clean, consistent canvas will ensure great results and longevity from your service.
After-care is also critically important in maintaining your new “Blues”. Your hair will need to be washed in cool water and as little as possible. Your Stylist should be able to set you up with a product regimen of shampoo, conditioner and styling products to help you get the most out of your new look. You will also need to be put on a 3 to 4 week schedule with your stylist for re-lightening at the root area and/or re-touching of your pre-existing blue to ensure that your color stays as vibrant as possible.  Fashion color is not cheap, especially achieving these colors without destroying the hairs integrity.  Quality professional care is imperative in this situation to avoid long-term regret after having the blues, pinks, greens, etc.

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Let The Professionals Handle This

Always remember, no matter what cut, color or style you choose, your hair is an investment, and your stylist is here to help you maintain that investment in the best way possible. So take this spring season by storm, and get the “Blues”, you may love them more this time around than you ever have!

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“Blue Haired” has a whole new meaning than it used to!  It’s trendy, stylish, fun, and much more accepted than it ever was.  The blue you choose can be show stopping or subtle, choose the one that suits you.  Getting the blues (blue hair highlights) isn’t so bad….it’s trendy, stylish and fun.

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