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Are you getting the most out of your hair designer or are you limiting your hair designer’s creativity?

50% of people are bored (or frustrated) with their hair designer

With so many people, approximately 50%, bored (or frustrated) with their hair designer, it seems worth addressing. I would start by saying that communication is key!  One of the problems is “time.” Hair designers work on a schedule, for busy hair designers, it can be a very tight schedule. One of the most important things a client can do is schedule a consultation along with their hair appointment to discuss possible changes or ideas for the future. Though it does take more time, most hair designers do not charge extra for a consultation.  They appreciate being allotted the time as much as the client does. It is a FACT that too many distractions or a time crunch diminishes creativity for just about anyone. If extra time is needed on each and every visit expect to pay a little more but it’s worth it in the end.

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Make The Most Of Your Visit To The Hair Salon

If you know your hair designer runs on schedule, try to arrive a little early to get situated with something to drink and maybe relax for a few minutes. If your hair designer always runs late, of course, there is no need for arriving early. Some hair designers will be a bit stressed for making you wait while others think nothing of it. It’s not considerate to keep people waiting but sometimes it can be hard to stay right on time.  Hence, booking the consultation helps avoid time crunch whether it’s the client or the designer running behind, if either. Certainly if it’s a first-time visit to a new hair designer, ask for a consultation.

When your hair designer sits you down, focus on the hair first.  After discussing what the goal is for the visit, some small talk may ensue, catch up time on life’s happenings, family, work etc., but the more communication about hair, the better. So many new products and tools are available that may make your hair life much easier, be sure your hair designer is letting you know about these things.  If he or she isn’t telling you, ask. A good hair designer will be very focused on what’s new, they may need some time to be sure these things work and are beneficial but that brings us to another very important element in hair design which is education.



Ask your hair designer what the trends are.  Have they been to any classes or hair shows? If all a client needs is a retouch of color on the roots/new growth and a general shaping, that’s not a big deal but if a client is bored…(which 50% are), that’s a big deal. Some people just do not want change, it still takes a professional to handle that, applying the best color in the best way to protect the hair and deliver a dependable cut and style. For those who want change, don’t expect it to happen in just one visit, it can sometimes be too hard on the hair to change all at once, and don’t expect it to cost the same as a retouch and haircut alone. We all have budgets but we have to know that it may be an investment to properly achieve the desired look. An investment in our hair is very worthwhile considering we wear it every single day. Passionate hair designers invest in their education, tools, and location to serve their clients in the best way possible. Though a hair designer may make it seem easy to do your hair, it’s probably been quite an investment of time and money to get to that point.

American Beauty Show in Chicago-5-2Hair shows often show the “extreme” versions of trends and designers adapt that to clients lifestyle, hair type, personality etc.

Communicating Limitations

Letting your designer know important limitations such as, you don’t want your ears to show or you definitely need to be able to pull your hair up so it needs to be long enough to do that, are very important but….when a hair designer has been doing your hair for a long time and they have so many of your limitations in the back of their mind it can be stifling. When you are ready for a change, help clear their minds of all those past limitations. Sometimes we might not even remember all of the limitations we had in the past but the designer does. It can go the other way as well, the designer forgets some of our limitations so feel free to remind them. Book that extra consultation time and let your designer know “I’m ready for a change” or “I’m thinking about a change” this helps clear their minds for something new and they will probably then ask you if it’s still important to… say, keep your ears covered etc. Your designer may even want to think about it for a little while to come up with the best option for you, it can evolve too. Some great designers work with how the hair lays and it’s growth patterns and truly create a “custom hair style” as they go.

Start getting your designer thinking on what a great look would be for you. If you make a change and don’t like it, stay calm and know that it can be fixed, changed and of course will grow back. Take it in steps if you think that works best for you but freeing your designer’s creativity may be freeing for you as well.

Have a happy hair day!

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Karen Welch

Karen Welch has 32 years of experience in the Hair Fashion Industry and is considered an expert in hair design, hair color and beauty makeovers. Karen says she learns more every day, and that if we stop learning we must be dead, or at least “dead in the water.”