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Soon to be bathing suit weather again! Bikini wax time?

For those not familiar with bikini waxing, this article is to help explain the very common option so many are utilizing as a grooming service these days.

Though bikini waxing does come with its share of “discomfort” during the process, it’s worth it in the end! There are ways you can make the prospects more comfortable. Here are quick tips to prep you for your bikini wax.

Trim It– Trim the area a bit but make sure the hair is. at least, a quarter of an inch long. Anything shorter than that will be tough to remove. What’s more, stubbles from shaving are major bad news. Don’t get self-conscious even if the hair is a bit unruly, your esthetician will take the time to trim the area before proceeding further.

Get Your Head in the Game– Remember the first time your eyebrows were plucked, painful wasn’t it? A bikini wax is pretty much the same though the bikini area is more sensitive. Don’t worry, we are not trying to scare you off. It is good to be familiar with the truth. After the first wax, each time the area is less sensitive for most.

Don’t Sweat It– Cleanliness will be certainly appreciated by your esthetician, but skip the moisturizing part. Excess oil makes the process a tad more painful. If you tend to have naturally oily skin, try applying baby powder to soak up the excess moisture, or ask your esthetician to do so.

Pick the Date– If you are nearing your menstrual cycle, it is best to keep the waxing session for some other time. A better time would be one week after the menstrual cycle when your pain bearing capacity is the highest.

Apply Numbing Cream– If you have a low level of tolerance for pain, then it is a good idea to get your hands on those pain numbing creams. Apply the cream a few minutes before the waxing session, it will work like mild anesthesia, making you immune to pain. Blot excess cream or apply powder right before wax time.

Practice Deep Breathing– The best way to brace yourself for the pain is by closing your eyes, relaxing your muscles and trying to breathe deeply. Considering the pain each yank brings, it might not be possible for you to relax, but you can always try.

Avoid Sun– Keep out of the sun for a couple of days before the waxing session. Sun burnt skin is not very welcoming to waxing strips. Wear loose clothes to avoid chafing and rashes.

About The Different Types of Bikini Waxing


Brazilian waxing– This has become the most widely recognized sort of waxing and the celebrated one as well. The pattern of Brazilian waxing began in the 80’s when ladies began to wear thong bikinis. Frequently synonymised with bikini waxing, this technique has obtained its name from the Brazilian cut bikini. In this sort, all the obvious hairs in the pubic range are expelled from front to back with a potential “runway” or strip of hair left in the middle. Numerous times, it is additionally alluded to as Hollywood bikini. Be that as it may, there’s a noteworthy contrast between these two sorts, which will be talked about later.

French bikini waxing– It is also called runway waxing. This strategy doesn’t remove the hairs totally in this area. Maybe a straight vertical line is cleared out. Besides not at all like the Brazilian sort, hair is uprooted just from the frontal side.

Full bikini waxing– This is the trendiest kind of waxing done. In this technique, the hairs are removed creatively. This is less difficult than its partners too. Just the side hairs are uprooted and the rest are trimmed short in order to show up as a slender patch of hair. Often young ladies decide on a heart shaped hair trimming for this locale.

Hollywood bikini waxing– It is frequently synonymised with Brazilian waxing, however, it varies a bit from it. Dissimilar to the Brazilian waxing, you won’t get any runway with Hollywood waxing! This current one’s for the individuals who need to get a completely hair free pubic territory.

*Standard bikini waxing– This is the most secure type. In the event that you are a beginner and need a waxing for bikinis, then this current one’s the best for you. It just expels hairs from the sides, while keeping the hairs of the bikini territory in place.

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These are the main types of waxing methods for removing the hairs from the bikini area. However, you need to look into the sensitivity of your skin as well. If you feel irritations or itchiness in the pubic area, refrain from waxing; apply ice or any other prescribed soothing cream or lotion in the area.

Bikini waxing is a wonderful option for many people, especially those with excessive and/or dark hair. Waxing makes things much more manageable in these cases and helps women avoid being self-conscious. Consult an esthetician with any other questions you may have.

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