Like most women, I am picky about my hair, and as a customer, there are several things I have come to look for and expect from a hair stylist…. especially at a luxury salon.

First Impressions Walking into a new salon, I expect a friendly and sincere greeting from the front desk receptionist

 and from my stylist. I also expect my stylist to have great style—in her hair and the way she presents herself.




The oh so important Consultation I want my stylist to have a consultation with me at the beginning of the appointment—even if I am a regular client. The stylist should “check-in” to see if anything has changed since my last visit. This makes me feel special. (I recently read that 90% of clients say they have never had a consultation!) If the stylist recommends a new service based on what I have told her—toner, B3 conditioning treatment, etc.—I would like to know up front what the cost will be and how much time it will take. Transparency is appreciated and there will be no surprises at the front desk checking out. If I am a new client, I expect the stylist to ask a lot of questions: How often do I wash, blow dry and treat (color, perm) my hair? How much time do I want to spend styling it? After my cut do I want to be able to put my hair in a ponytail? This way the stylist should be able to come up with a look that will fit my lifestyle.

Listening Being a good hair stylist means listening to your client and then clarifying/confirming what the client wants and expects. In my opinion, if there is one single most important thing for a hairstylist to do, it would be to listen.

Advising I appreciate a stylist who is up on the latest hair trends. I would expect the stylist to suggest ways to incorporate some of the trends into what they are going to do with my hair. The advice of a professional hairstylist incorporated into what they heard me say in the consultation, should be a “Win, Win.”


The Styling Begins Once we have discussed what I am looking for and the stylist has made her recommendations, I look forward to a luxurious shampoo and head massage. To me, this sets a salon apart from the masses. A great shampoo is the BEST part of the whole experience of having my hair done! I expect a great shampoo with lots of massage to my scalp, followed by conditioner. If I make a comment about the nice smell of the shampoo, I expect the stylist to tell me what it is and that I can get it at the front desk.

Now For The Cut Once I am in the stylist chair, I expect their undivided attention. No peeks at cell phones or talking to others while cutting my hair. Personally, I appreciate the stylist telling me what they are doing to my hair when they are cutting it, but that might not be everyone’s preference.

Finishing Blow drying is an art, and not everyone is as adept at replicating what a stylist can do. If I feel like I will be blow drying my hair, I would like a quick lesson on how to do this myself. If I do not think I can master blow drying, I would like suggestions on how I can get this look by doing something else—curling iron, Velcro rollers, etc. I would like for the stylist to tell me about any of the styling products she is using to achieve my style, and let me know they are available at the front desk.

Checking Out I expect my stylist to walk me to the front desk and assure me that if I am not satisfied with my cut or style, for any reason, to please come back and it will be fixed. The stylist should also remind me about the products that she used on me, and then I can make the decision whether I purchase or not. I do know the importance of the right styling products, they really help in succeeding with my hairstyling. 


This article was written by a SoZo HAIR client and we appreciate her input, like we do all of our clients! You help us be our best. Thank You! SoZo HAIR Salon Tips is a blog about beauty salon tips, tricks, and hints. SoZo HAIR by Bajon Salon & Spa serves the greater Cincinnati area. We are located in Olde West Chester at the corner of Cincinnati-Dayton and West Chester Rds. We’re just a short drive from Mason Oh and Fairfield Oh….a big city hair salon without the big drive and big traffic.