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Avoid Getting Bored With Your Hair Designer

This is for people who are bored with their hair or hair designer.  Sometimes we don’t even realize what the issue is, we just aren’t satisfied.  When a hair designer is up to date on new techniques, technology and ideas, they can be a wealth of knowledge.  Hair changes continuously whether it’s seasonal, as it’s growing, as different products are used and yes, as time goes by (ageing).  Communication is #1 for this topic, so let’s start there.

#1-Communication-  Busy hair designers work on a tight schedule!  It’s usually out of respect for your time that they may get a bit frazzled when running behind.  They don’t really want to make a client wait.  Top suggestion for communication is, book a consultation along with your appointment to allow extra time to talk.   A consultation is usually no charge, if it’s needed on a regular basis there may be a slight up charge, as when extra time or product is needed due to lots of hair or more detailed types of services.  When hair challenges are addressed in more detail with your designer, the solution options can be right under your noses.

#2-Try something new-  You might just like it!  Did you ever think maybe your hair designer is bored with your hair?  They probably love you, but may be just “going through the motions” with your hair because that’s what it’s turned into.  A change doesn’t have to be drastic, mix it up in a subtle way to start.  Ask your designer what they think would work well and think it over for a future visit if you’re not ready.

before and after redbefore and after brunette

#3-Look for, or take pictures of styles you like-  The person in the picture may have a different type or color of hair than yours, but at least it communicates a look you like.  Modifications can be made to suit your hair type, face shape and willingness to do what the style requires. A picture speaks a thousand words.  Side note, some hair designers do not like pictures, I’m not sure why but, a suggestion is, open the dialogue with something like ” I know my hair type may be different, but is this general look a possibility?” or “what do you think of this general look for me?”  Something along those lines.

#4-Professional conversation-Talking about professional hair styling and hair care during your visit can unveil many possibilities.  Maybe you’ve changed in an opinion but your hair designer remembers something you’ve addressed in the past.  He or she may remember why you don’t do certain things or that you won’t use products. Maybe you’re at a different place in life now and you’re willing to do things differently.  New technology and proper application makes a difference that may excite you.

#5-Keep an open mind- Hair grows back and color can be changed.  A great hair designer will stick with you and see you through a change. If your hair designer is hesitant to new possibilities, you may just pull them out of the box too.  Keep them on their toes and they’ll probably be grateful. Hair designers usually like to be creative and will embrace an opportunity to use talents they don’t get to use everyday.

These ideas may come in handy even if you’re not bored.  Here’s to beautiful hair!

Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!


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