Are you bored with your hair?  Do you want something different or a new up-dated look?  Over time clients seem to fall into the same routine and have the same style and haircut.  Finally you ask for a change.  Both of you are excited……then comes a long list of rules:
 – I want to keep my length
 – I want volume
 – I don’t want short layers
And of coarse ” I am very busy and don’t have much time.”  This also may come with:
 – I don’t blow dry my hair
 – I can’t use a round brush
 – I don’t like to use a flat iron or curl my hair
 – And the big one…I don’t want to use that many products!
 At this point we are so limited on what we can change, we end up doing the same thing again.  In this situation I have the perfect solution….let’s change up your color instead of the hair cut!  By changing the color and not the cut, you don’t have to worry about keeping length, using more products, etc. and still get a new look.
before and after red
You can start with a small change like going a little darker or lighter.  You can also change the tones in your color to warmer or cooler shades.  Changing your hair color when seasons change is a good idea.  Hair color can bring more color to your skin tones and can bring out the color in your eyes.  Not to mention, by changing your color it can freshen up your ends where over time they have become dull.  This will also give shine to your hair and it will appear to look healthier. This is a great way to get a small change without worry of a new hair cut that comes with so many rules.
If you want more than a small subtle change, you can try new foiling techniques and different foil placements, this will add some dimension in your hair color.  It can also make a certain area you want to focus on pop.
All of these ideas can apply to anyone and any type of hair.
If you want a big change and are afraid to be too daring at first, you can start with some small fun hidden pieces underneath that will peek through. You can have fun with it…..go for something bright, go for something darker or lighter than you would normally try.  Fashion shades such as purple, blue, pink, etc. are very popular now.  The sky is the limit in most cases.  So if you want a new look but can’t part with your hair length or routine, try changing your color, it can be fun deciding which way you want to go and it will satisfy your desire to have something new.


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 Michelle B
 Article By Michelle B. with SoZo HAIR for the past 12 years.  Michelle has 25 years of experience in hair design.  She is up to date in hair color and techniques with a passion beyond comparison!