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As women, we are constantly searching for a good, quality salon that offers a fair price for our services. Whether it is hair, skin or nails, we want the best for ourselves and our pocketbooks. So how do salon owners, and stylists calculate the cost of your service? Why will your cut and color, or the cost of your manicure vary in price? In the following article, we hope to help you not only gain perspective but also understanding as to how and why you are paying the prices you are for your time of beautification.

So let’s start with the basics. When a new salon is opened, it is a large responsibility of the owner to calculate pricing for their services. Most salons, new and old have a menu or list of prices for you to refer to when booking a service. Several factors come into play when coming up with these numbers. Product cost, usage, commission paid to stylists and overhead are just a few contributing factors. For example, at SoZo HAIR, we have a set list of prices for all of our services, but they vary depending on the level of stylist you see. So if you see a level one stylist, who has less experience, and is working on building a clientele, your pricing will be less than if you see a level 4 stylist, who has 30 years experience and a full book of clients.

Your pricing will also vary depending on the combination of services you are having done, and whether or not you add things like Olaplex or a deep conditioning treatment to your service. The length and density of your hair can also affect your pricing. If you have long, thick hair, it will take more time and products to complete your service, therefore changing your price. If you decide to add a second color to your service, or highlights to an all over color, or shellac polish instead of regular polish to your manicure your pricing will vary.

As stylists, it is never our intention to overcharge, or sticker shock our clients, so this is where consultation plays a very important role. Your consultation allows you and your stylist to map out your services and discuss pricing so that there are no surprises when it’s time to leave. If you need additional color, a toner or want to add something to your service, be sure and discuss whether there will be additional charges. That being said, it is also extremely important that you understand that we are here to make you look and feel your best, but we are also making a living.

Most stylists in full-service salons are paid commission, so if they are not servicing a client they are not making any money, however, this is not an excuse for overcharging anyone. If you feel that you have not been fully informed of your service charges, or something seems more costly than normal to you, please do not hesitate to discuss this with your stylist before leaving the salon. We are more than willing to explain what your pricing was and why. Additionally, it is always our goal to gain and retain new clients as well as continuing to show our current clients the care that they deserve. Most stylists are more than happy to work out fair pricing with you or attempt to get you as close to the service cost you desire, without making you feel as though you have just emptied your wallet.

Owners and managers are constantly coaching their staff on how to service clients in the best way possible and make that a continuing goal for their stylists. Many salon owners will change their prices annually, depending on their level of business, their overall expenses in running their business, and the changes in product pricing from their distributors. These price increases are necessary, but should never effect you in such a way that you can no longer pay for your existing beauty regimen. If you do feel that this is a challenge, talk to your stylist, we care about you, and want what is best for you, your hair, skin, and nails. Stay positive and stay beautiful, we look forward to caring for you soon!


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Karen Welch

Karen Welch has 32 years of experience in the Hair Fashion Industry and is considered an expert in hair design, hair color, and beauty makeovers.