Weather and Hair

Ever wonder how your hair can look perfect one day, but suddenly becomes a bad hair day disaster the next, despite the fact that you styled it exactly the same. Well, the weather can play a big role in how good or bad your hair looks. It affects both the way your hairstyle sits, and the overall condition of your hair strands.

Summer Hair

In the summer, the physical bonds in our hair are affected by the elements of heat, sun and moisture. When we go outside and expose our styled hair to a hot, humid environment, it causes the bonds which we’ve tamed and formed, to react, allowing the hair to return to its natural state. Naturally straight hair will have its curls begin to collapse. Naturally curly hair that has been flat ironed will begin to frizz and return to it’s curly state.



Sun damage is another common thing that happens in the summer. Sun exposure can lighten hair color whether it’s natural or artificial. It is also very drying to the hair. Sun and heat cause the cuticle (outermost layer of the hair) to open, when this happens a number of issues arise. An open cuticle gives the hair a much dryer appearance. It absorbs light instead of reflecting light so it has a frayed appearance and less shine. When the cuticle is open, that also allows color molecules to escape.

Humidity is another major challenge when it comes to our hair. If your hair is fine, the excess moisture absorbed will become too heavy for your strands, causing loss of volume and shape. If you have course hair, the added moisture will cause your strands to expand, resulting in seemingly uncontrollable frizz.

Some possible solutions for summer hair would be, finding a style that works with your natural hair type. That may be embracing your curl or finding just the right cut. A chemical solution like Brazilian Blowout or possibly a permanent wave for support. Yes, many are moving toward permanent waves again!  The right products can also make summer hair much easier. Consult your hair designer for professional advice on which products could make summer life so much nicer when it comes to your hair!

Some of the products we recommend at SoZo HAIR for summer would be;

For course frizzy hair

For fine limp hair

Winter Hair

In the winter, the most common weather-related effect on the hair is static. Cold, dry air can cause the hair to build up electrical charges, that’s when the individual hairs reject each other so to speak and fly away from each other. Rub a sweater or hat against the hair and you’ll see and hear the electrical charge along with experiencing the static. When there is moisture in the air, the charge won’t build.

Temperature can also effect the color processing time. That’s why in the winter your stylist may put you under heat while processing, depending on the temperature inside the salon.



Wind and Hair

Wind can also damage the hair. Exposure to strong persistent winds can create tangles in hair, especially long hair. Hair that is blown around in strong or gusting winds can also develop split ends. When the hairs rub against one another it causes knots and tangles in loose hair, the wind can also cause your hair to become dry and brittle. If your hair is long, some ideas for styling on windy days may include pulling hair back, up or securing with a head band.

Some product ideas for avoiding tangles;

Most of these problems can be controlled with modern styling products. SoZo miracle is a great product that will help your hair through the change of seasons. Not only is it a detangler, it will improve the texture and manageability. Miracle will prevent spilt ends and strengthen fragile hair. It will help fight the summer humidity while preserving and restoring the natural body. Miracle is also a great heat protector and seals in your color. Once your hair is towel dried, apply SoZo miracle, concentrating on the ends first and then working it throughout the hair. You then apply styling products and style as usual. SoZo Heavenly Haircare products have you covered!

Like the weather, our hair changes everyday! If we want a consistent style, we have to be consistent with our hair. Regular appointments and using professional products are very important.


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