Brazilian blowout is the new and enhanced way to calm and condition those frizzy hairs of yours to help them look beautiful, silky and smooth, just the way you have always wanted!!

Brazilian Blowout treatment

What is a Brazilian Blowout treatment??Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment

It’s a breakthrough bonding technology that can be customized to fit every hair type. It smooth’s, defrizz’s and conditions the hair to a beautiful healthy look. Brazilian Blowout also helps dry the hair faster and  makes styling much easier. Many have called it “life changing”!

One feature people truly love about this smoothing treatment is that it can be customized for all hair types – wavy, straight, curly and especially frizzy hair to fit the individual wants and needs, therefore achieving ultimate healthy gorgeous hair results.

The Brazilian Process:calm and condition those frizzy hairs

The “magic potion” is applied to and dried in the hair. It’s then sealed by flat ironing with multiple passes in small sections. This heat “seals” the cuticle to a closed position. A closed cuticle means less fly-away’s (frizz), more light reflection instead of absorption (shine) and a MUCH softer, smoother look and feel.

One of the many unique things about this treatment is that you can leave the salon and immediately put your hair into a ponytail, exercise, even wash it and not wait to go about your normal daily routine. Your hair will not be damaged or harmed – it will remain soft, smooth and silky even after washing and drying!

A Brazilian Blowout treatment takes approximately two (2) hours, depending on the length, texture and density of the hair. It’s worth the time and cost of this relaxing and pampering experience to achieve a smooth, frizz free, silky head of locks!

Benefits Of This Treatment:

No line of demarcation with the new hair growth so it’s great for transitioning from relaxers or keratin treatments and you can get a Brazilian Blowout immediately following hair color services. The Brazilian Blowout treatment seals color in for longer lasting color, too. After receiving a Brazilian Blowout however, it is best NOT to do hair color for at least 3 weeks. The reason is, hair color opens the cuticle (outermost layer of the hair) to go in and do it’s thing in the cortex of the hair where the hair’s pigment is located. Opening the cuticle breaks the fresh seal the Brazilian Blowout just gave the cuticle. This is what defrizzes the hair since an open, frayed or rough cuticle is the main culprit of frizz. The sealed cuticle also cuts drying time drastically.

Caring for Your Brazilian Blowout:

The requirements of caring for your Brazilian blowout are easy but important. You can wash it directly after getting your Brazilian blowout treatment, you don’t have to wait 72 hours like a keratin treatment, relaxers or other straightening treatments, however, one should NOT go swimming, in chlorine or in salt water pools or the ocean for the first month as it can “undo” your Blowout. Shampoos must be sulfate-free. Your hair designer can steer you in the best direction for all products that will help your Blowout last the longest it possibly can. The right products are key and worth the investment to protect your new hair.

How Often Can You Get a Brazilian Treatment:

Frequency of getting a Brazilian blowout treatment, provided you don’t use products with sulfates and avoid chlorine etc., should be 3-4 months, possibly longer if you don’t wash your hair often. If the first 2-3 treatments are done within 4 months, a residual effect will help the treatment last even longer.  Once it wears off, your hair will return to its natural curl pattern or frizzy hair type.

As mentioned above, Brazilian Blowout is very customizable. The number of passes with the flat iron and the direction in which the flat iron is used is unique to each clients desired result.  Some want as straight as possible, some want to keep some curl without the frizz. Some want flat and sleek, some still want volume. Ask and you shall receive:)

What Does It Cost?

The cost of a Brazilian blowout treatment at SoZo HAIR is only $280.00! Some salons charge up to $400 dollars for the treatment. We keep our price reasonable so more of our clients can enjoy the benefit of this wonderful service.
We also offer an Express Brazilian Blowout treatment which has all the same benefits but takes about an hour and lasts about 4 weeks, The full Brazilian Blowout treatment takes two hours (or so) and lasts 12 weeks or more . Our Express Brazilian Blowout treatment investment is $127.00.

Where does the Brazilian blowout treatment get its name??

Well, it came from Brazil where it is called Escobar Progressivia.  The Brazilian blowout first became popular in 2006 in Brazil and has become quite popular here in recent years as well.

Come see us at SoZo Hair, Spa & Wigs for your new silky smooth, healthy looking hair and we promise you will love the results!!!   Have a beautiful blessed healthy hair day:)


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