For many years some of us remember our mother, grandmother, aunts and cousins coloring and perming their hair at home. This is probably something many people grew up watching. In the last 20 years, women have realized that professional, salon quality products and color services are much better for our hair. Not only are we able to get a hand-tailored color and cut, as opposed to one flat, all over color, but our hair looks and feels much better afterward.

Shift In Preference

So why the sudden shift in preference? While home color is always going to be a better bargain, it is extremely hard on the delicate strands of our hair. At home hair color is often made up of metallic dyes (metal on hair? Ouch!) These dyes are not only harder to control, because you do not know what strength of developer is being used, but they also reactivate every time you reapply color. Most home hair color directions do not explain that you need not run your color through the ends of your hair if you are just trying to retouch your regrowth, and so we slap the whole box on all of our hair and wait.

Noticing The Change In Our Hair

All of the dye molecules that are already in the ends of the hair are reactivated causing not only uneven color from root to end, (because your ends will over process and pull darker than your roots) but also extra damage making the ends of the hair look and feel dry and brittle. I know, I know, you are thinking to yourself, ‘well then what is that conditioner packet for?’ That conditioner packet meekly disguises the damage done for a few days until we are so busy with life, work, and family that we don’t realize the change in your hair.

Accurate Levels Of Chemical

So then what’s the big deal about professional color? Professional hair color is formulated with VERY little ammonia, making it far more gentle on the hair. Your stylist is also able to accurately adjust the level of developer used in your color, doing the minimal amount of damage possible. Your stylist can also offer you services like Olaplex, which helps maintain the strength and integrity of your hair during and after your color service.

Placing Hair Color Properly

Additionally, your stylist will only place color where you need it, as opposed to all over your previously colored hair, and he or she can make recommendations about a great at home product regimen that will not only improve the look and feel of your hair but also help extend the life of your color.

As stylists, it is our job to not only educate our clients about what is best for their hair but also help them execute their style at home. We genuinely care about the look, feel, and integrity of your hair, and are not just trying to push an expensive product or service on you for our own benefit. The best suggestion I can make? Try it for yourself, you’ll be amazed at the immediate difference that you see.

Establish The Framework

Always remember that your hair is an investment. The first visit may be costly because you are establishing the framework for your canvas moving forward. After that, as long as you follow the schedule your stylist suggests for maintaining your cut and color, you will actually find yourself spending less than if you did your hair at home. Salon quality styling products also last much longer than store bought products because it takes less of them to accomplish your desired look, also saving you money.

So the next time you feel like some pushy stylist is trying to get you to come see them, it’s probably because they are. Not because we look at you and see a walking dollar sign, but because we care, and we probably already have a beautiful vision in mind just for your hair. Live life vibrant, and give your hair the love and care it deserves, see a SoZo Hair stylist today!

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