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Balayage was introduced in Paris in 1965 but didn’t make its way to the United States until 1980 where the technique was being done in just a few salons. Now balayage has gained international popularity. With this technique, the goal is to create a soft natural looking highlight which is more modern than the traditional coloring methods. The look of Balayage and Hair Painting is enhancing what the hair tends to do naturally with exposure over time to sun, heat and the general elements. This happens more noticeably to hair with length but now is being created and/or enhanced on any length with free-hand techniques.

In 2009, Drew Barrymore had Ombré highlights and everyone wanted to recreate that look on themselves. It was hard to do with standard highlighting since that method uses foils and is much more structured.


Free Hand Hair Coloring

Balayage is strictly a free-handed coloring technique, where color is painted on. You can also amplify the hue from a soft wash to a bright bold color, depending on your personal choice. It creates a beautiful illusion as though the hair has been piled into a ponytail and released so that the contrasts are soft at the root and heavy at the bottom.


Other than short cropped hair it works on a variety of hair lengths, textures, and colors, making it a truly universal and flattering hairstyle for all women. The biggest benefit with balayage is the maintenance level. Many are able to go for months between color treatments which is going to be healthier for your hair, (not to mention the pocket book).


Balayage Is Applied T0 The Surface Of The Hair

Balayage is applied on the surface and not saturated through the sections until you get to the very tips, otherwise you will get a streak of color that is not very soft looking. A good stylist can help you choose the best color that will suit your skin tone and brighten up your features. The maintenance is very low because it grows out beautifully and more natural looking so you won’t get an obvious demarcation line and can wear it longer between appointments.


Balayage works on all types of hair whether you have dark or light, coarse or fine and straight or curly textures. You can easily achieve combinations of blonde and brown tones and it is perfect for clients with darker hair that want to try out a lighter color. It can be warm and natural or have cool tones.

Hair Painting

Even though hair painting is balayage’s fantastically quirky cousin, it is ever evolving and highly versatile. With this technique hair is freely painted in sections by hand and laid flat normally separated by plastic sheets. The color is not always placed in patterns and is put wherever color is wanted to be seen, giving a free form color that’s softer and natural looking. It is much faster than foils giving no lines of demarcation and can also give more of a solid color with little to no stripping.


Fluid Hair Painting

There is also fluid hair painting, which is taking hair painting to the next level and it looks incredible. It involves applying highlights throughout the hair for the dark to light ombré or the pops of color. Instead of sitting up straight you will lay back against a color table and the stylist will take strands of your hair and color them up against the table surface. Because the hair is fanned out it gives the stylist the ability to see every strand and how the color melts from the top to the bottom. So no matter how you part your hair you are able to get a tailored, multi-dimensional color because your stylist will be able to see how the hair will collapse together. This technique is incredibly versatile giving the perfect amount of sun-kissed highlights for a more subtle look, or if you prefer the most ethereal blend of blues and greens that everyone is lusting for.


If you’re interested in any of these new, trendy and gorgeous looking colors come on in and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


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