2022 Hair Trends Part One is an overview of the top predicted hair trends for the coming year.

After a year of being restricted, we’ll see hair become a freedom expression. This is exciting no matter how you look at it. Some will feel free to cut their hair, some will feel free to grow their hair, some will start coloring and some will stop coloring. The fact that the trends are varied in style, length and color shows that we are free to adapt them however we choose. The throwback look of many of the trends says a lot about the freedom aspect as well, embracing the simpler times of years past. Embrace your simpler style with these trends in mind and adapt to which details suit you best. Your professional hair designer can help you decide on the best options for your face shape, lifestyle, hair type, etc.


Yes, the shag is huge! Already huge, and will continue in 2022. Short, long, and everything in-between. Wispy bangs, curtain bang, amount of face framing, we’ll see it all. Wavy, curly, smooth and even straight. The shag is one of the most feminine and flattering hairstyles of all time. The shag allows the natural movement of the hair to flow free. It’s a low maintenance hairstyle that allows freedom in every aspect, from flexibility of the color to choosing to add a fringe, amount of face framing and, the time needed to style each day. Another really nice thing about the medium or long length shag, is the ability to still pull it up or back. When it is pulled up or back, drop some tendrils around the face or the entire perimeter for, yes, a feminine, flattering up style that softens your face.


The blunt bob hairstyle is timeless though it ebbs and flows in popularity. We are seeing a “flow” right now. With or without a bang/fringe a blunt bob haircut will always be a classic and classy option. The hottest length of the blunt bob currently is just below the chin with a fringe. Next hottest option is the shoulder length “lob” (long bob). Embrace your individuality and customize your chosen haircut! With so many options and so much freedom with hair choices, it’s a great time to experiment.


Long and straight hair is another throwback. If you haven’t seen much of it out there yet, you will. For ladies with straight hair, this frees you!! On the other hand, those with curl or wave don’t need to feel pressure to straighten! See? We’re FREE! Go with what God gave you and enjoy it! This is wonderful hair news for everyone.


Bangs, Bangs, Bangs! Yes, I still like to call them bangs. With the freedom thing going, I’m choosing to do that though many in the industry call it a fringe. Same thing. Bangs are the BIG thing you’ll see a lot of into 2022. All sorts of bangs, short, long, wispy, blunt, curtain, etc. Bangs have been called bangtox, too. Since they can cover lots of forehead lines and wrinkles, you can be free from botox for a while. It takes a little while to get used to the feeling of bangs on the forehead if you haven’t had them in a while, or ever. So believe it or not, it’s easier to get used to bangs if they are a bit shorter and not falling in your eyes. Most people choose to start with long bangs and it drives them crazy so they choose to grow them out. Understandable but considering cutting  them being shorter to start is a hair hint just for you.


Get ready for the retro volume and big curls. For those with naturally big hair, here’s to you being free. Freedom will be so nice for everyone, especially you! Liberate yourself and go with it. It’s time for you to shine without a lot of work in the hair styling arena. Yes, some of those with wimpy straight hair will choose to work hard or even perm their locks to have this look but you, no sir, you were born with it. Consult your professional hair designer for the best products and easiest way for you to go with what the good Lord gave you. The sexy big flowing look of voluminous curls, whether soft curl or tight curl, couldn’t come back soon enough for you.


Last but not least, beautiful and creative braids. A great way to pull hair up or back or even to add some interest to a style, braids are a wonderful option. They can be dressy, casual, sporty, simple or intricate. Once again, freedom, be creative and experiment. It’s always fun to see how interesting braids can be. Whether braiding all the hair in one braid or just part of the hair, the textured look that also shows off hair color in an interesting way can help with a bad hair day or be the center of attention for a hairstyle.

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