During my first visit, I spoke with several people, all of whom were just as nice and friendly as one can be!! As I use my hands all the time – I transcribe medical reports and I play the flute – I enjoy a manicure every couple of weeks to keep the nails short, but nicely shaped; and the massage of the hands, I am sure, is helping to ward off the pain that would probably come with my age…. I have found the results to be excellent, and the products used by SoZo HAIR are top shelf – the polish, for me, lasts for at least a week. Even when the original stylist that I was going to left, I was informed immediately. While I was very pleased with, and will never forget my original stylist, the transition to a different stylist was seamless. I just had my hair cut on Saturday, and I am extremely happy with the design, and the workability of the cut. What a treat!! Thanks so much!!