I would (and most everyone I know) say that I am very picky when it comes to my hair. Having been to several schools in the past to get my hair done, due to the price, I decided to try SoZo HAIR based on research on the internet. I found that SoZo HAIR ranked the highest in customer satisfaction in several known sources. I scheduled my appointment only a few days in advance and was able to get an appointment for a Saturday (something I was not used to). Once I arrived, the staff was friendly and helpful. My awesome hair designer listened to all of my needs and I for once got a hair cut that I loved. Also, due to my low maintenance hair style, I’m not a fan of product. She worked with me on that as well, by giving me a style that with a small amount of easy to apply product, my hair looks great. They found yet another repeat customer in me. Thanks SoZo HAIR!