I had Tina S. cut my hair years ago when my own Stylist took a vacation. LOVED IT! Received lots of compliments on the cut. To make a long story short, I left the area and moved to Indiana. Since 2002, I have gone to 5 different shops in the Western part of Cincinnati and just have not been completely happy with my cut. Then I went on a mission to find Tina S. I knew she had closed her own shop and went to work at SoZo HAIR in Montogmery. I drove out there and that location was gone. I use a dental office in Union Center and on this particular day, I took a different way to his office and saw the SoZo HAIR Salon up on the hill. After my appointment I stopped by and there was Tina S. Made an appointment. That was a happy day. Went to my appointment and it has been 3 weeks and I am still a happy camper. When I got home, my husband told me he likes my “hair do.” I can’t thank Tina S. enough.