I can’t say enough great things about Michelle B. I had never been to SoZo HAIR and have a make-over package booked. Michelle B made me feel welcome and spent a lot of time with me to figure out the right style for me, that I could maintain once I left the salon. I have been searching for a new job for a few months and have a small toddler at home. I don’t have the time to keep up a complicated beauty routine every day. I cannot believe the difference Michelle B made in just a few hours. I have more confidence and I look better than I have in years. She taught me how to replicate the blow out style with a new hairbrush and it takes less time than my old hairstyle did! Michelle B also taught me great make-up tricks that are simple to do and get immediate results. I am unbelievably happy with the results. Thanks to Michelle B’s hard work, easy to replicate teachings and enthusiasm I have become a loyal SoZo HAIR customer.