I’m every stylist’s worst nightmare since I was a stylist years ago…so I’m not easy to please. Brianne is truly exceptional in her talent, not only with styling but taking the time to really focus on doing a very precise cut… and truly listening. I haven’t had a cut in a long time that’s really worked well, resulting in me grabbing my scissors to get closer to the results I wanted. I wasn’t made to feel like I had committed the crime of the century, which was much appreciated. My job involves public speaking to professional groups; and additionally I was getting married, so I was probably the most paranoid client she’s had. Brianne is experienced and I guarantee that she’s developed a very loyal clientele in record time. Brianne is truly a great hair stylist. Believe me, I will make many more trips back to the West Chester location of SoZo HAIR Salon & Spa. I probably shouldn’t be writing this … it’s going to make it a challenge to get an appointment with her! I want to wish her the very best. 🙂