I was so glad to find someone who REALLY knew natural curly hair and how to deal with it. I had been looking for over 2 years! Then my stylist came in to the office with her mom and I just happened to be having a bad hair day and asked her if she ever did she said not any more I do hair and would be happy to do yours for you. Well I had wanted my hair lightened like I had way long time ago and nobody could ever get it right. I was going on vacation and thought I will call and make a appointment not thinking so quickly. my stylist was so helpful and worked with my schedule too. I plan to go back in 5 weeks or so and have her cut my hair she’s excellent and gives you the time you need no rushing there. I felt completely at ease and would recommend her to all naturally curly hair persons. she has it and lives it to many times people don’t understand it.
Thanks my stylist.
And I will be calling for my next appointment soon.