I am a non-practicing licensed cosmotolgist, so I am very particular about my haircuts. More often than not I leave a salon feeling like I recieved an OK haircut, but rarely a great one. The hairdresser I had been going to recently changed salons so I thought I would try someone else, a risky and scary move for most of us. My new appointment was with my stylist. She listened to my needs and concerns, made some good suggestions, and gave me a GREAT haircut. I liked it imediately. Usually, it takes a few weeks to like a cut and feel comfortable with it. What a refreshing experience to love it right away and continue everyday! my stylist took her time and did it right. I am extreemly grateful, and will definitly continue to come back. I’ll be sure to recomend my stylist as often as I can. Thanks!

Dena Coyle